OUR Services

Our broad range of services and the strong expertise of our team will enable you to set your dealership apart from your competitors and improve your sales record. Think Profits Marketing Inc. offers incomparable service and possesses the best expertise on the market.

Think Profits Marketing Inc. comes into your dealership and takes the lead in taking the steps necessary to properly organize your event sales and contributes to their success by transforming them into moments of celebration.

We focus on meeting client demands that are not met by their own employees.

Our marketing strategies are based on proven campaign tactics that meet your specific business challenges.

HOW Our Services Will Help Your Business

TELEPHONE Retention Sales

Enhance your dealership’s performance by trusting us to put your critical data in order.

Prior to our event, we will utilize an accurate and dynamic phone campaign with your management team. We will be utilizing the dealer’s customer database in areas such as previous sold clients, current finance customers who are eligible for upgrade, “dead” finance leads, current sub-prime customers, and unsold prospects.

Data Driven

We complete a detailed audit of the dealership’s database, making sure data is updated, filtered and prioritized. Our one-of-a-kind data mining model targets qualified customers with the right offer at the right time.

Dynamic Campaigns

Effective call scripting, high energy sales practices and the dynamic follow up programs we use allows us to create a campaign to generate a substantial amount of business over the phone.

Building Relationships

Our targeted call campaigns allow you to reach out to a vast network of potential qualifying customers in order to establish trusting relationships by offering them promotions catering to their real-life needs.

Our highly skilled telephone Retention Specialists call your customers, set appointments and sell cars!

SALES Events

Investing in an Auto Sales Event is an opportunity to increase your sales volume drastically – often the equivalent of a week’s worth of sales in a day – while providing an intimate and exclusive event for your loyal customers, as well as those you haven’t seen in a while.

Sales events are a one or two day private sale that are targeted towards your existing sales and service customer base. They are marketed by using a high-impact direct mail invitation – personalised by customer name with a new vehicle image based on their current vehicle. We offer effective avenues to advertise your new products by showcasing your latest launches on our customized invitation.

Sales events are also twice as effective! In addition to the invitations, live phone calls are made by our call centre to all invited customers to set up appointments. Customers also have the option to RSVP on their own through email or phone, making their experience highly interactive.


Bring vitality to your showroom floor in an atmosphere of celebration!

In order to transform your sale into a unique and coveted event, we will visit your showroom to help you get it ready according to your requirements and concept of choice.

  • We are there to build enthusiasm and support your sales team, ensuring your customers feels privileged and ready to buy.
  • We develop original and innovative themes in order to transform your sales into profitable events.
  • We offer you enhanced visibility during your sales event.

Our unmatched, high energy will ensure your dealership is fully equipped and prepared to take on the biggest sales events ever hosted.


We can help you acquire new clients with our off-site event sales!

We have an experienced team to host any off-site sales, whether it be in a small area, large area or a massive area such as a WalMart parking lot. No event is out of bounds with our energetic teams!

  • Unlike an event at your store, an off-site event allows you to tap into your competitor’s market-share while maintaining your store’s day to day activity
  • Customers feel more compelled to take advantage of the deals at an off-site event
  • An off-site event allows you to have more attraction per year, bring in inventory from any location, and create an additional revenue stream

If you don’t already have a location in mind, we will assist you in finding a site with maximum traffic saturation values

Discover how our team of experts is qualified to pinpoint your clients’ needs and lead them throughout the sale process.

DIRECT Mail Marketing & Geo-Targeting

We will target the exact audience you want to attract with your next campaign!

Think Profits Marketing Inc. has over 10 vendors to work with on finding customized campaigns that will attract new traffic to any dealership. Our marketing will deliver high impact messages to new potential clients and target specific areas, postal codes, income and credit deficient clients.


Our goal is to drive the most traffic and buyers into a dealership per advertising dollar. With data from previous automotive marketing campaigns, we have access to a wealth of information. We constantly mine this data to test new ideas, measure results, and spot new trends. We deliver the best results with our product.

Wondering How Pricing Works?

COST & Profitability

There is ZERO cost to the dealership up front, which bring zero risk. When Think Profits Marketing Inc. makes money, the dealership makes money. Our profit breakdown is illustrated as follows based on a particular scenario:

Assuming our gross profit on 38 deals is $228,000, our commission is split 25% of front and 25% of back for finance and administration and closer and 20% of front and 5% of back to our sales team.

Thus, our share of the profit is $92,000 to cover overhead costs.

Wanting to increase your Gross Profits?