ABOUT Think Profits Marketing Inc.

We consider ourselves a progressive sales group. When results aren’t as good as they should be, we act. When everything is going well, we ask, “what could we do better?”.

We run our business with a focus on the ideal customer experience. We will push your operation to better performance.

Our team is made up of the best-of-the-best. They are high energy, seasoned and ethical Automotive Professionals who practice the highest standards of sales. Our sales team uses the most current and ethical closing methods for producing high-grossing sales.

Think Profits Marketing Inc. shares a sense of family and values based on respect, trust, honesty and transparency. Our thorough knowledge of the automotive market as well as our professionalism are sure to impress you and win your customers’ hearts thanks to the impeccable quality of our service and the results we achieve.

Think Profits Marketing Inc. will increase sales and profits for automotive dealerships across Canada. We will provide dealers with teams that will not only help increase profitability, but also long term retention plans with a focus on customer satisfaction and repeat business. One of the top issues that dealers run into these days is finding talented and highly skilled sales representatives who can generate business by phone. Think Profits Marketing Inc. will ensure your dealership has these skills and talents.

Management Plan

As it is with any business, people are the key to a successful operation and profitable business. It is our goal to enrich the name of Think Profits Marketing Inc. Our business is co-owned and operated by two business-savvy, customer-friendly and sales-oriented individuals who understand what it takes to start and operate a successful business, hire and motivate employees, and find and keep customers. More importantly, the owners understand the importance of keeping a low overhead in order to make profits.